Calf Starter Feed

Calf Starter Feed

It is given freely from the 4th day of birth to the 90th day of birth. Contains highly digestible raw materials. In this period, it enables the calves to develop faster. Weaning in calves is mostly between 7 and 8 weeks of age. When calves start to consume an average of 1000-1100 g of concentrated feed daily for 3 days, weaning should be applied. If the amount of milk to be given to the calf is high, the animal's needs are met significantly, thus reducing concentrated feed consumption. Therefore, rumen development slows down, weaning age is extended.
The amount of milk given from 3-4 weeks should be gradually decreased until weaning.
• Oral milk should be drunk in the first half hour after birth.
• The umbilical cord disinfection should be done quickly.
• Septicerum should be made against calf diarrhea.
• Individual calves should be used to prevent infectious calf diarrhea and litter should be kept clean at all times.
• Shelters should be placed in a position to ensure maximum use of calves in the sun.


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